Sarah Hood

I am walking 35km for Team Maeve


Our girl Maeve is now 4 and a half. She suffers from a Mitochondrial disease called Leigh's Syndrome.

Maeve is unable to walk, talk or eat without assistance (feeds via a feeding tube). She has shown so much improvement this past year, and we are so proud of her persistence and determination.

We have been lucky enough to get NDIS funding which now means Maeve has access to more specialists and equipment than we were able to provide her initially. 

She has recently got AFO's (leg braces) and specially made shoes which have given her the opportunity to walk small distances unattended without her walker. This in particular has been amazing, to watch her confidence flourish and how happy something like walking unsteadily for 5m can make her. Brings tears to my eyes, that the small things are truly so special.

Unfortunately Maeve's eyesight has deteriorated this past year, so she now sports a cute pair of glasses. The day she got them was quite emotional. It was like watching someone see again for the first time. She knows how important they are, and loves wearing them everyday.

We have supported the Bloody Long Walk the last 2 years, and believe the Foundation are doing great things in bringing awareness to the cause, extensive research, and ultimately doing everything they can to finding a cure.

This year, I'm walking 35km from 1st - 10th August in The Bloody Long Virtual Walk to help Australians living with mitochondrial disease.

If you could spare a dollar to donate to the cause, Maeve and our family, would be ever so grateful. A cure might not happen in Maeve's lifetime, but this is for the future.

From the bottom of our families hearts,


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Sarah Hood


Diane Bosdorf

Go, Sar, Isla, Olive and the Maevestar! You’re all over it! lots of love for this year’s fundraiser. Strangest times, but this is so important - stay bloody safe while you’re bloody long walking.


Wendy And Craig Hood

Fantastic watching you all walk during these tough times in Vic. We’re so proud of you and love you all to bits. ❤️❤️❤️


Elli Vrana


Emily Redward


Kathy And Darren Hood

Go girls, Sarah you are amazing and I love that the girls are walking too xx


Lisa Hall


Val Daryl Hood

Maeve has two beautiful caring sisters to you all we send all our love xxx


Jane Ling

Maeve 🥰🥰🥰


Jordan, Dakota And Kyla Xo

Sending lots of love to our favourite Hood family ❤️ You guys are amazing and we just adore our ⭐ Maeve


Annika, Sean And Mikey

Love you guys x x x


Sarah Cain


Gabrielle & Tim Mann


M & E Kindred



Mary Russell

Good luck with your fund raising and best wishes to your darling Maeve.


Bec & Grant Gibbs




Laura Liles

Sarah and Maeve you are both amazing. Sending so much love to you both x


Liz Garrett & Darren Thorne

Thank you for the opportunity to help make a difference 💖💖 Maeve 💖💖 you are a little legend ⭐️


Jaq And Winter Jennings


Jess Lingard

A true inspiration Sare and Maeve always a little ray of sunshine x


Deb Barke


Sandy Mcintyrr


Dazed But Amazed

Sarah your inspiring. Raising your girls with love every ‘step’ of the way.


Jessica Lea

Good luck with the walk, Team Maeve!


Tracy Vrana

Keep up the good work guys. Xoxoxox




Bridie Ryan


Caitlin & Troy Cochrane



Narelle Jones

Wishing you all the best xx


Lucy Hersey


Jess Friend


Alex White


Charlie Moore


Sophie Pitts


Zoe De Silva

amazing, keep fighting xx


Lachy Henry


Amber Lenette

Happy to support a beautiful family


Kerry K

You guys are amazing - very inspiring family. Good luck to you all.




Celeste Buckley

Nothing braver than the young souls that have so much to overcome when they are so small.. and nothing braver than there mamas carrying them through! You are doing the best job ❤️


Kim Palmer


Rachael Pietzsch



Alison Ratu


Amy Lebas



I’ll be praying for your family and beautiful girl. X


Nate Fawcett