Tess Hughes

I am walking 35km to cure mito

I’m walking 35km in The Bloody Long Walk. That’s 46,200 steps in one day!

I'm walking 35km in The Bloody Long Walk to help Australians living with mitochondrial disease.

I know I’ll cross the finish line exhausted and blistered, but that’s nothing compared to what people with mitochondrial disease (mito) go through every day of their lives.

Mito robs the body’s cells of energy, causing multiple organ dysfunction or failure. It can affect anyone at any age.

Please sponsor my walk to fund research into desperately needed treatments and cures for this devastating disease.

Every dollar will make a difference!

My 35km walk will be bloody tough, but with your support, I know I can do it. THANK YOU!

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Told Mom she was a tight arse made her donate some more money to your cause and some from me as well


Marcus Davey

Yay congratulations


Elizabeth Hughes

Good on you Teresa for raising money for mito. Just think, despite the blisters, how many calories you'll burn! Good luck xo


Tess Hughes

I can do this Noah!


Jacob Whelan

Always doing right by others.. you can do it


Pat Hughes

Good luck sis


Mara Hughes

Awesome idea!! I hope you've got good walking shoes! Xo


Dan Shaw

Amazing Tess, so proud of you!


Maria Abela

Hope there's a good foot soak at the end of it h


Gretta Habib

So proud of you! 💪🏽😍😘


Harry Whelan

WERK!! Yaaass Queen #slay



So proud of you mum! Love ❤️ you.


Claine Cook

Go Tess!!



Good on you Tess !!!!


Irene Bartlet


Muriel Hughes


Lachlan And Koko

Go Tess!!


Chantal Metlej

Good luck Tess. 😘 great cause!!


Rachel Sepulveda


Connie Holmes

Congratulations Tess x