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I am walking 35km to cure mito

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I'm Walking 35km to Cure Mito in The Bloody Long Walk!

So, some of you might know that at the start of March I made the commitment to do the Bloody Long Walk in September. Since COVID-19 hit, I’ve walked over 850km, preparing myself to do the walk.

I recently got the disappointing news that the Brisbane Bloody Long Walk has been cancelled due to lack of participants. I was disappointed, not just because I’ve been looking forward to it, but also, as a professional fundraiser, I understand the pain and anguish of having to cancel fundraising events.

So, I’ve decided to do the walk regardless. On Sunday 20 September I’ll head out and do the 35km course and I’ll do my best to raise as much money to support kids living with Mitochondrial Disease.

The Bloody Long Walk is the main fundraiser for kids with Mito and as a small charity, I want to help them as much as I can. So, if you can help out I’d really appreciate it.

Thanks all for your support!!

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The Briggs’

Simon... I love that you have such a big heart for others- such a big walk suggests you heart is bigger than your head!!! But I know that’s what will get you through. All the best.


Wayne & Deb Gregory

you're an inspiration


Bruce Harmer

You're an inspiration mate. Carolyn and I are happy to support you and those living with Mito.


Tim Lambert




Simon Gregory


Jay Emmerton

Great work walking Simon - benefits for you and your fundraising.



Si, well done dear friend!! You are looking fantastic too!!! Best wishes always Nat xx


The Weller


Harry Cause


Megan Sulejic

Well done , you can do this, proud of you, miss you and fam x


Hannah Staines



Well done Simon. Such commitment to this walk even on your own.


Janelle Regent

Well done Simon!!!


Rowan Johnstone

Go you good thing!


Nick Gregory


Nicole Hollows

Good effort Simon still doing the walk and fundraising!


Simon Gregory



So proud of you!


Philip Staines


Pam Apolony

Congratulations on your efforts for this fund raiser. I hope it all goes really well.


Craig Gregory

Good luck Simon


Kate Flanagan

Good on you Simon


Brad Watson

Great effort buddy. Good luck with the walk.


Janine Kewming

Great work Simon.


Esther Mccall

Amazing Simon!!


Cara Riley

We’re very proud of you uncle Simon! What an amazing thing to do. Love Kayne, Cruz and Chilli x


Rebecca Percival


Andrew Hill

Well done mate


Janosh Biczok

Great work Simon! You've got this.


Nicole P

Good on you Simon :-) Impressive


Katie Burrage

Good luck Simon! Enjoy!


Mandy Slade

Good luck Simon


Tayah Rogers

Awesome work!!


Amelia Hogan

Awesome effort, Seemon. And such an important cause to keep you motivated.


Nicole Costello

Great work cuz!


Vickie Ashe



Melinda Burrows

You’ll smash 35km easy! Good on ya :)


Charlie Bennett

good luck mate..thanks for all your help with MS


Carol Morris

Your amazing as ever we all miss you and your family Thank you for the support and care you gave us in Warwick farm I'm not there now I moved out on my own


Bianca Weston

Hey Simon, well done on doing this alone. We did it two years running as a team and that was hard enough. Jen sent me your link. Amazing effort you’ve made


Rachel Kerr

well done superstar


Anthony & Jen Winters


Steve Smith

You’re a good man Simon!!! Go for it


Kirina Hooper


Amelie And Mara Hoefel