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I am walking 35km to cure mito

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I'm Walking 35km to Cure Mito in The Bloody Long Walk!

I'm walking 35km in The Bloody Long Walk to help Australians living with mitochondrial disease.

That’s 46,200 steps in one day!

I know I’ll cross the finish line exhausted and blistered, but that’s nothing compared to what people with mitochondrial disease (mito) go through every day of their lives.

Mito robs the body’s cells of energy, causing multiple organ dysfunction or failure. It can affect anyone at any age.

Please sponsor my walk to fund research into desperately needed treatments and cures for this devastating disease.

Every dollar will make a difference!

My 35km walk will be bloody tough, but with your support, I know I can do it.


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Winten Property Group

Go Pip!


Stu Vaughan

Go Pip, you legend !!!


William Sarkis

Great cause and enjoy


Josh Bowen

Let's go boo! You got this ❤️🥳



You go girl!


Deanna Jurcevic

Good luck Pip.


David Mann

Good Walking Pip...


Will Rothwell

Go Pip !


Ed Hoffman

Go Pip and enjoy !


Chris Ryan


Anne Holmes

Good luck Pip!


Nathan Gray

Good luck Pip & good on you. From Rochelle and Nathan.


Peter Kleijn

GO GIRL!!!!!!


Jay O'neill

Go Pip... It's a Walk in the Park !!!


Brianna Clarke

Good bloody luck Pip! :)


Phillipa Bowen


Chantelle Lunt

You go glen coco!


George Byrne

Walk forrest walk


Tom Merritt

Best of luck Pip!


Annika Howell


Laura H

Go Pip go,!!


Changxiang Ma

Wonderful walk!



Make sure you do a cartwheel through the finish line :)



Good Luck!!! xx


Ian Mcculloch