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I'm Walking 35km to Cure Mito in The Bloody Long Walk!

This year I’m joining Ziggy’s team walking 35km in the Bloody Long Walk to support The Mito Foundation and Australians battling mitochondrial disease.
This cause hits close to home - our friends little warrior, Ziggy, was diagnosed with Pearsons Syndrome, a form of mitochondrial disease, at just 4 months old. Despite the challenges he faces, Ziggy's spirit shines bright. He's a cheeky, bossy, and endlessly lovable toddler who inspires every day.
Mitochondrial disease comes in many forms, affecting people of all ages. It strips the body's cells of energy, leading to organ dysfunction or failure. The reality is harsh, but his parents, their family and friends are determined to make a difference. The stregth and courage they show on the daily is truley inspiring.
As we lace up our shoes and embark on this journey, we know it's nothing compared to the daily battles fought by those with mito. That's why we're asking for your support.
By sponsoring our walk, you're contributing to vital research for treatments and cures. Every dollar counts and brings us closer to a brighter future for those affected by this devastating disease.
Join us in making a difference. Together, we can give hope and support to those in need.
Thank you for your generosity and unwavering support! 🙏💚

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A great cause Jodi. Good luck



Goooo Woody & Ziggy's Team 👊


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Great work all!


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Great work Jodi, for a wonderful cause.


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Nice one Jodi!




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Niceone as always Jode!


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What an excellent cause. Good luck Jodi and team!


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Hope this helps in some way.


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1st Event in the Mito Movement