Bloody long talk

The Bloody Long Walk 2020 - Gold Coast

We're walking 35km in The Bloody Long Walk!

Our team is walking 35km in The Bloody Long Walk to help Australians living with mitochondrial disease.

We know we’ll cross the finish line exhausted and blistered, but that’s nothing compared to what people with mitochondrial disease (mito) go through every day of their lives.

Mito robs the body’s cells of energy, causing multiple organ dysfunction or failure. It can affect anyone at any age.

Please sponsor our walk to fund research into desperately needed treatments and cures for this devastating disease.

Every dollar will make a difference.


Thank you to our Sponsors


Amanda Williams


Jason And Allayne

“All truly great thoughts are conceived by walking.” – Friedrich Nietzsche


Andre Morony

There you are you over the line


Stephen Brooks



Good luck you say, a terrific cause


Painters In Paradise


Andrew Kaldor

Hope you will break 6 hours...


Jeremy Williams

Love Hubstar!


John Quiggin

Thanks for your donation also


Chris Caton


Leanne Walsh

Best wishes Deb!! Fantastic cause 😘


Kerri Wallace

good luck with the walk


Tony Arena

That's a bloody long walk, Chris.


Kerry Collins

Good on you! I have a friend with a granddaughter with mitochondrial disease so I know the huge impact on families.


Grant Hallgarth

I guess it's easy if you don't have to work!


Geoff Hickey

Sadly long gone are the days when this would have seemed like a walk in the park - go well!


Neil Schafer


Louise Burgess

Go Deb😁


Kerri-ann Hayward

Good luck, what a wonderful thoughtful thing for you to do!




Neil Ronaldson

Good luck Chris


Debra Ronaldson

Paro Taktsang was good training!! Go you xx


Blair D

Best of luck!


Blair D

Best of luck!


Tori Caton

Good Luck you will do it easily xx


Julie Berry

Good luck Chris.


Kim Bell

Hi Amanda, you are amazing to do such a huge walk. I know you will crush it!!


Leanne Gordon

Well done Deb


John Forwood

Good luck on the walk Chris!!


Peter Wargent

Bonne chance, mon ami


Pam Mcleod

Take my hat off to you Deb. Hope the elements are kind to you on the day. 💕


Liam Shorte

In return for all the good advice over the years


Karly Gordon

Get those walking shoes on!!!


Vicky Kehely

Happy walking


Vicki Fielder


Leanne Gordon

Well done Chris